Index To Documents

The following chart contains information regarding the The Tobacco Institute index documents contained in this website:

Document ID TIMN1234567


An alphanumeric number is used to identify each page in the collection. The Id is expressed as a range when it refers to a multi-page document; a forward slash (/) is used to separate the first page from the last page.

It is possible to retrieve a specific document when the Id number for the first page is known by entering that number in the search box.

Clicking on the Id number in the index list will retrieve the image of the document.
Document Range TIMN0066744-0066748
When a document is part of a large set of documents, this field will reflect the bates range of the entire document set. This field will be filled in for all the documents in that particular set.
Other Bates Number T012345 When multiple bates numbers are on a document, additional bates numbers are found in this field.
Names Mentioned


All individual names are recorded with the last name first followed by first and middle initial when available.

When available, the organizational affiliation of the individual is found in the same field, following a # character.

Document Date 19980227 Dates are recorded as YYYYMMDD.
Ending Date 19980227 This field reflects, when available, the ending date of a document bearing a particular date range (recorded as YYYYMMDD).
Estimated Date E When a document date is estimated an E appears in this field.


Provides further information on the physical attributes of the document.
Document Type LETTER

Each document on the index contains an entry describing the physical format of a document.
Title   This field reflects the verbatim title information for documents that had a discernable title on the face of the document. Each word in the title is searchable.
Description   Where the document did not have a discernable title a summary of the document was coded into this field.
Source TI STORAGE BOX 7101 The source field reflects where this document was found in the Tobacco Institute document collection. In many cases it will reflect a specific box number.
Request Number MN1-7


This request number is related to the actual document requests filed by the plaintiffs in the various litigations. Copies of those requests are available on this website. Each document request asks for specific kinds of documents. The entry in this field relates a specific document to at least one request and is recorded as REQUEST SET-REQUEST NUMBER. For example, when the entry reads MN1-7, MN1 refers to the Minnesota Plaintiffs' first set of requests and the 7 refers to the seventh request in that set.
Pages 12 This reflects the total number of pages in a document.
Date Produced 12/23/1998 This reflects the date that a document was produced to the plaintiffs in a respective case. This data is formatted MM/DD/YYYY.
Prod Box 123 This is the box number where this document can be found in the Minnesota Document Depository.
Case Name Minnesota This field reflects the case in which this document was produced.
Date Loaded 19980821 This reflects the date the document was loaded on this website.
Litigation Usage SELECTED This reflects the status of the document in various litigations. For a more detailed explanation see below.

Litigation Usage Field - Term Definition

Privilege Withdrawn

Documents for which The Tobacco Institute, Incorporated withdrew, in whole or in part, claims of privileges or protections in the re-examination of claims of privileges or protections undertaken pursuant to Court Order in State of Oklahoma v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., et al., CJ-96-2499-L (Dist. Ct., Cleveland Co.)


This reflects the document was selected by the Plaintiffs in the State of Minnesota et al. vs. Philip Morris et al. litigation

Trial Exhibit

Documents produced by The Tobacco Institute, Inc. that were also listed by plaintiff's counsel as trial exhibits.

Tobacco Institute Litigation Usage Case Codes

Case name codes are used in the Litigation Usage field in place of longer, case citations. The codes in use on this website and the case they represent are:


Broin, et al. v. Philip Morris Incorporated, et al.


State of Florida, et al. v. The American Tobacco Co., et al.


Mike Moore, Attorney Genl. ex rel. State of Mississippi v. The American Tobacco Co., et al.


State of Oklahoma vs. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co.., et al.


State of Minnesota et al. vs. Philip Morris Incorporated, et al.


State of Texas v. The American Tobacco Co., et al.


State of Washington vs. American Tobacco Company, et al.